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5 Core PA Speaker Stand Universal for Large Speakers Black 4FT Tripod Speaker Stand Height Adjustable from 68 to 128 CM onstage heavy duty Supports 130 lbs- SS HD 1PK 4FT

5 Core PA Speaker Stand Universal for Large Speakers Black 4FT Tripod Speaker Stand Height Adjustable from 68 to 128 CM onstage heavy duty Supports 130 lbs- SS HD 1PK 4FT

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About Item

  1. Easy Height Adjustment PA Speaker Stand from 68 to 128 CM. Securely lock it with the sturdy safety pin and knob-style lock.

  2. Heavy Duty Tripod Stand legs enhance stability. The collapsible design fits inside the bag for easy transport. Pro speaker stands hold up to 130 lbs.

  3. 35mm Compatible Insert on this tripod speaker stand works with all speakers featuring a 35mm insert. Audio speaker stand for PA speakers, studio monitors, and more.

  4. Pro Speaker Tripod Stand is designed with a knob-style tension locking system. The PA speaker's stand capacity is 130lbs.

  5. Anti Slip Feet in the DJ speaker Stand improves the stability significantly. The equal length distribution across the heavy duty tripod stand makes it exceptionally stable and secure.

On the stage Speaker Stand Description

Elevate your sound setup with a heavy duty DJ speaker stand. Adjust the height from 68 to 128 CM effortlessly with a secure pin and screw lock system. The tripod speaker stand ensures stability and portability. The speaker stands DJ handle weight up to 130 lbs.

The 35mm compatible insert makes the speaker tripod stand ideal for loudspeakers, PA systems, and studio monitors. Plus, non-slip rubber feet on the PA stand provide stability for on-stage or in-studio use.

Heavy Duty Tripod Stand Features





This speaker stand is made of stainless steel with triple legs, ensuring stability and durability for speakers up to 130 lbs.

This DJ stand fits 35mm compatible speakers, including loudspeakers, PA speakers, and studio monitors.

This PA stand features collapsible legs for portability and easy storage. Non-slip feet provide traction on any surface.

Increased stability thanks to center brace connecting tripod legs. The Tripod speaker stands to collapse easily to fit inside the bag.

Heavy Duty Speaker Stand Specification:

  • Color- Black
  • Material- Metal
  • 35mm Insert
  • Adjustability- 68 to 128 CM

Package information

  • 1x PA Speaker Stand

Tripod Stand Heavy Duty Usages

Provides a stable platform for studio monitors.

On the stage speaker stand for bands performing on stage.

Enhance your home theater experience by using speaker stands.

DJs can rely tripod speaker stand to position their speakers.

PA stands for public speaking events, conferences, and announcements.

Benefits of 5 Core Pro Speaker Stands

Adjustable height speaker stand.

Steel-made heavy-duty tripod stand.

Anti-corrosion and weather resistant paint.

Quick and Easy Telescoping Height Adjustment.

Works with All Speakers with 35mm Compatible Insert.

DJ Speaker Stand Comparison


5 Core Product

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Knob style locking



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About Brand

5 Core, ISO Certified headquartered in California, warehouse in Ohio, USAReliable and trusted reputation, offering 600+ products since 1984Tested and Certified Products ensuring highest quality and reliability. Worldwide 2.2 Million+ satisfied customers with 4.6 average ratings.


Question: Are speaker stands portable?

Answer: Yes, these speaker stands are designed to be portable.

Question: Does the stand work with studio monitors?

Answer: Yes; however, make sure the thread matches and mind the weight capacity.

Question: Can this heavy duty speaker stand be used outdoors?

Answer: Yes, these speaker stands can be used outdoors. However, make sure that they are not exposed to elements.

Question: Do I need speaker stands for my home audio system?

Answer: Speakers should be positioned at ear level for optimal sound dispersion in home theater or stereo systems.

Question: How do I maintain the onstage speaker stand?

Answer: Clean the onstage speaker stand with a damp cloth and a mild solution. Check locking and rubber feet for stability and safety.

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