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5 Core

5 Core Cheer Megaphone Bullhorn Loud Speaker 66SF WB

5 Core Cheer Megaphone Bullhorn Loud Speaker 66SF WB

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Recording megaphone Loud Speaker overview

Megaphones are an essential tool used by people involved in crowd management. It allows you to give clear instructions in crisis situations. But it’s a device not just for gloomy events. The megaphone is largely used in sports events, cheerleading, tour management, etc. 5 Core recording megaphone loudspeaker works in every event and is a boon for those who have to repeat their messages.

The recording megaphone loudspeaker lets the user record messages and playback them multiple times to reduce stress on the mouth and vocal cord. Let’s explore the other features of the megaphone now.

Feature of 5 Core recording megaphone loud speaker:

  • ✅ 5 Core Cheer Megaphones with mic introduces Recording feature (8 seconds) where you can record anything anywhere at anytime and can play it 1000 times with just a push of a button.

  • ✅ 5 Core Sports Megaphone Blow horn Can be used indoor & outdoor, fire officers, mentors, police, fire-fighters, cheerleader, schools, sports activities, occasion organizers, directors and for various reasons and occasions.

  • ✅ The Portable Mega phone Amplifies your voice through the mic. This electronic bullhorn megaphone can possibly cover 500 yards. Tough ABS Plastic Molded body for lightweight and rugged use. Our versatile product has been fitted with an advantageous conveying strap. Our megaphone/ bullhorn works with batteries. (batteries included)5 Core Megaphones/ Bullhorns amplify an emergency tone with adjustable volume control through the megaphone speaker.

  • ✅ 5 Core handheld megaphone with siren can be easily folded to make it compact for easy portability.

  • ✅ This user-friendly 5 Core Megaphone offers 10 watts of power and sound coverage of 200m. This compact yet powerful portable megaphone is commonly used at outdoor sporting events, political rallies, and street demonstrations, Armed forces and Police due to its compatible size and weight, and it runs on batteries.

  • ✅ This Mega phone is also compatible with USB, MMC (card) and AUX to play/ pause/ shuffle any kind of music while speaking. Can easily connect with your phone through aux cable. (cable not included)This user-friendly 5 Core Megaphone 66SF WB offers 20 watts of power and sound coverage of 1000 yards.

The history behind the creation of megaphones

Samuel Morland and Athanasius Kircher have been believed to be originally credited with inventing megaphones around the 17th century.

A megaphone is a handheld, cone-shaped device that amplifies a person's voice and other sounds. .

You speak into the narrow end of a mega phone. Which amplifies your voice and projects it out the wide end.

Megaphones also direct the sound waves in particular direction that it is being pointed to. Portable bullhorn are extensively used in fields of sports, cheerleading, crowd management, public announcements, mass communication.

A megaphone is a device that amplifies the voice, unlike a microphone that converts the voice into an electric signal Make sure you're heard loud and clear by everyone with the NEW Professional 5 Core Cheer Megaphone Bullhorn with Siren and Voice Recorder.

This compact and powerful sports megaphone features 10 watts of power, which means your voice can reach an amazing 100M away! Perfect for schools, businesses, Colleges, Drills, Offices, Police, this handheld megaphone features an adjustable volume control and two different audio functions.

Megaphone with mic that has a Voice mode to amplify your own voice through the microphone, or Alarm mode to amplify an alert/siren through the megaphone's loud speaker. The lightweight chassis and ergonomic grip is easy to hold, and the compact design features a foldable handle, which allows for compact storage and portability.

Things important for a quality megaphone?

Wattage : To understand how much power a megaphone has we need an idea about its wattage. Best quality megaphones have high quality sound and last longer on the battery supply.

Microphone : Megaphones might have microphones detachable or in built. Detachable mics are more convenient as they can be bought closer the mouth for ease

Sirens are important for amplifying sound and grabbing attention in crowds. Most megaphones come with built-in sirens. 


FAQ ??

Usually how loud is megaphone?

Some megaphones can be very loud, up to 100 or even 120 decibels. This can be harmful to your ears, so it's important to not use them too close to your head.

What is a good wattage for a megaphone?

Ranging between 5 watts to 50 watts accounts for a good megaphone.

Difference between megaphone and bullhorn?

A bullhorn is a megaphone, a cone-shaped device used for amplifying sound.


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