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Ultimate Performance Combo: 5 Core Sheet Music Stand with Mic Stand Holder + Premium Vocal Dynamic Mic for Music and Karaoke Delights MUS MH+ND58BLK

Ultimate Performance Combo: 5 Core Sheet Music Stand with Mic Stand Holder + Premium Vocal Dynamic Mic for Music and Karaoke Delights MUS MH+ND58BLK

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  • ✅ Lightweight & Collapsible & Durable: Made of lightweight and durable metal material to offer a portable and collapsible mic stand. The stable tripod boom base can be folded for your easy transportation
  • ✅ Sturdy steel construction; ultra-light for easy transport
  • ✅ Wired & versatile: The XLR microphone is ideal for recording professional-grade music, including drums, percussion, and instrument amplifier.
  • Dynamic Karaoke Mic: The dynamic microphone captures the source sound with its uniform cardioid pickup pattern while minimizing background noise.
  • ✅ Large Compatibility Phone Holder: Compatible with all Smart phones (iPhone 12/iPhone6/6s/7/7 plus/8/8 plus/X/XR/XS/XMax/11/11pro etc).
  • ✅ 360°Rotation with Security: Provides multi-angle display to rotate phone from vertical mode to horizontal mode to adapt to the content viewed on the screen without shaking.


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Product Description

5 Core 2 in 1 sheet music stand- the perfect addition to any musician's toolkit. This foldable music stand is a game-changer, combining a music sheet tray and mic arm all in one! You can now sing or play an instrument from a sheet easily and conveniently while looking natural to your audience.

The sheet music stand is versatile and can be adjusted to suit any environment. The 5 Core portable music stand features a sturdy metal design with a metal tripod support leg that can handle heavy load capacity. Its adjustable height, tilt, and tray can be easily customized to suit different situations.

At 5 Core, Customer satisfaction is our priority—a proven track record of delivering the highest quality product since 1984.






This sheet music stand weighs nearly 1.2 kg/2.65lb and has a collapsible design, making it lightweight and portable.

5 Core music stand's height can be adjusted from 21.6 inches to 63 inches. As a result, it is appropriate for a wide range of people.

5 Core music stand is composed of high-grade ABS plastic, a high-strength plastic that is lightweight and robust enough to be used for a long time.

The music stand can be set up in minutes. The knobs are big, easy to use, and offer a comfortable grip.

Product specification

  • Weighs nearly 1.2KG/2.65lb
  • The material is ABS plastic and metal.
  • Features a dedicated Mic arm stand.
  • Height adjustment from 21.6 inches to 63 inches.

Package includes

  • Full set of the Music stand
  • Mic clip x1


5 Core Handheld Wired Microphone, Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Mic

This is a wired dynamic microphone special designed for vocal performance, which allows you clear and loud sound with high fidelity. Along with its detailed sound, smooth frequency transmission, and super cardioid polar pattern extremely minimizes background noise, so that you can completely immerse in your performance. Dynamic instrument microphone provides high gain before feedback in demanding environments. It features a steel mesh grille for durability, shock mount to minimize transmission of unwanted noise, and a neodymium magnet for high signal-to-noise ratio.


  • The high quality moving coil unidirectional dynamic element is very suitable for all types of musicians.
  • Designed for all singing machine karaoke systems and computers.
  • Uni-directional microphone pattern, minimize the surrounding noise.
  • With on / off switch design on the microphone, convenience for use.


5 Core introduces Metal Microphone - along with a large variety of Plastic wired microphones rendering high-end user gratification with its intriguing features and fine appearance.


  • Premium-quality ferrite magnet in cartridge
  • Good reception of the Microphone
  • 4.5m coaxial, shielded low noise cable
  • Metal with thick foam for shock/dust proofing cartridge
  • Universally-matched 3-pin professional XLR connector



  • Best quality Copper Finished paint for the finest look
  • We have largest range of Wired Microphones
  • Easily compatible with all PA System
  • Perfect molded body for handling the Microphone effortlessly


Technical Specifications :

  • Sensitivity - 2 mv/pa
  • Frequency Response - 50-16000 Hz
  • Impedance - 300 Ohms

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